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Wyoming State Open Golf Tournament

67th Annual
July 6-9, 2023

The Wyoming State Open Golf Tournament is a 54 hole tournament hosting professionals and amateurs from the rocky mountain region and across the nation.

Played each year in July at the Airport Golf Club, the tournament offers participants a challenging yet fun design in excellent condition. The 67th edition will be held July 6-9, 2023.

Cheyenne, Wyoming is a town of approximately 65,000 residents located in the southeast corner of the state. Cheyenne is located at the intersection of interstates 25 and 80 and is served by air from Denver International Airport. Click on the underlined above for more information on things to do and see in the Capitol City.



The following pages have all of the information that you need to know and the ability to register for one of the premier golf tournaments in the rocky mountain region!!


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